The deepest of my thoughts goes to my late mother, Rose. She was the compass that led my way in all my life journeys, at the school, university and professional levels. To my late father who was for me the model of righteousness in life.
Thanksgiving and appreciation To my family, who continuously showed a positive stance regarding my university and professional advances, And to all those who loved me and assisted me in my career.

My childhood and Aspirations
It was in the month of March that I was born in Beirut. My parents gave me the name of "Souad" which means "happiness". Once baptized, my baptism surname became Therese. My childhood was different from that of other children my age; I found a gap between me and others since I was in a state of constant observation and reflection. When I met someone withdrawn to himself, I used to think he was sad and asked: "Why are you mad? Why are you suffering?" I constantly wished to capture the psychic waves of others. My usual field of perception was the state of the human being's soul. My brain held its mystery within its folds.
Progressively, my observation capacities were being refined and my personal reflection and communication with others became a psychological study. One would say that I was entering a continuous learning process vis-à-vis others. Being born with a twin sibling had fermented an initial communion inside me. I think that from this communion in the prenatal universe, I still had some sort of nostalgia which was translated, once outside the womb, in a desire to know the other in his profound totality. Therefore my analyses, added to introspection, simmered on low heat and already held within them the beginnings of psychotherapy. Considering the precocity of the subject, during my childhood, I repressed the aspirations that psyche caused in me.

Change of Surname
The circumstances of my life in France, made me change my name to "Therese".

Obtained a university diploma, High degree in psychology (DESS in Psychology) from the Lebanese University.
Obtained a diploma in Ecclesiastics, from the Greek Catholic Archdiocese of Beirut, Damascus Road.
Professional training "how to live as a couple while being different", Rotana Hotel, Jacques Salomé.
Obtained a university diploma in Behavioral and Cognitive Approaches in Mental Diseases, from Saint Joseph University of Beirut, in collaboration with Paris V University.
Obtained the rank of Specialization Diploma in higher training related to help and dependency psychotherapy (private faculty of human sciences of Paris, Choisy le Roi)
Obtained the rank of Specialization Diploma in higher training in relation with help and human potentials (private faculty of human sciences of Paris, Choisy le Roi)
Obtained the rank of Specialization Diploma in advanced higher training in psychotherapy (private faculty of human sciences of Paris, Choisy le Roi)
Master's Degree in Economic Sciences, Branch of Political Economics, Saint Joseph University of Beirut, affiliated to Université Lumière-Lyon II.

- Psychotherapist, Took the Legal Oath before the Lebanese Courts, Mont Lebanon region, on 18/01/2016.
- Individual member of the French Federation of Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis (FF2P).
- Member of the Psychotherapy Practitioners and Consultants Society (SPPC).
- Member of the Lebanese Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy (ALTCC).
- Active member in the French Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy (AFTCC).

-Appearance on Tele-Lumiere
August 26th, 2015: Television program "Al Nour Maana": What is a strong personality?
March 20th, 2004: Television program: Maturity and what is the housewife's role?
Is it recommended to entrust domestic workers with the children's education?
March 13th, 2004: Television program: Does the ideal couple exist? How to make a marriage successful?
December 27th, 2003: Television program: Melancholy and depression. Why and how to react?
December 20th, 2003: Television program: Couples without children, consequent psychological problems and how to face them.
January 15th, 2003: Television program with public debates: Problem of abortion and contraception methods.

-Appearance on Tele-Lumiere
Live at "B Kel Saraha" TV program, talking about "The Family and Child-rearing" on 20/09/2017.
August 26th, 2015: Television program "Al Nour Maana": What is a strong personality?
March 20th, 2004: Television program: Maturity and what is the housewife's role?
Is it recommended to entrust domestic workers with the children's education?
March 13th, 2004: Television program: Does the ideal couple exist? How to make a marriage successful?
December 27th, 2003: Television program: Melancholy and depression. Why and how to react?
December 20th, 2003: Television program: Couples without children, consequent psychological problems and how to face them.
January 15th, 2003: Television program with public debates: Problem of abortion and contraception methods.

-Appearance on Maryam Tv
Live at “Al Mawaad” TV program, talking about "The Difference between Psychotherapist and Psychiatrist", on 27/09/2017.

Live at "Hiye Mch Laabe" TV program, talking about "Prostitution", on 02/08/2017.

Live at "Noqtat Ettifaq" TV program, talking about "The housemaid: between damage and necessity", on 09/05/2017.

Live at "Noqtat Ettifaq" TV program, talking about "Suicide", on 31/01/2017.

Live at "Noqtat Ettifaq" TV program, talking about "Translation and lawyer professions and woman and her psychiatric problems", on 17/01/2017.

Live at "Noqtat Ettifaq" TV program, talking about "Selfie and its psychological interactions", on 01/11/2016.

Live at "Noqtat Ettifaq" TV program, talking about "Teenage problems and how to act", on 25/10/2016.

Live at "Al Mawaad" TV program, talking about "Divorce and psychological consequences", on 11/09/2015.

On 'Al Mawoed'; Informing about the psychological impact on children related to school changing (September 4th, 2015)
-Appearance on Arab Woman TV/ Heya
Talking about the Phobia of water & sea (May 14th, 2014)

-Appearance on MTV
Discussing the subject of Adultary in marriage & its consequences (10 August 2013)
- Appearance on Charity TV

Live broadcast, "Security", on 12/05/2017

Live broadcast, "Women International Day", on 07/03/2017

-Interview on radio Lebanon
Celebratory gunfire during happy or sad occasions and its psychological impact on children.01/07/2017

Santa Claus at Christmas time and its effect on the child and adult later, on 24/12/2016

Social media brought people further apart: why and how to adapt? On 08/07/2016

Why do candidates in parliamentary elections hang posters of their photos? On 08/05/2016

Psychological condition at the explosion sites, to see parts of dead bodies, children who have lost their parents, psychological effects resulting from all the previous situations. November 16th, 2015
Young man and showing off, on 12/09/2015

Does the psychological state of the person who loves differ from the personality of the person who doesn't? Why he doesn't want to love? February 15th, 2015
The impact of the situation on the psychological state and nerves of the people (escape), how to treat it? February 2nd, 2014
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Program Kel Yawm b yawmo emission, about the Seasonal depression (October 2014)
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Program of Friday, September 9th, 2013, the impact of the Iraqi war on children and how to remedy it?
-Interview on Radio Voice of Charity
The child's transitional phase from home to school, on 07/10/2017

Human relationship between success and failure, on 28/06/2017

Program of Wednesday, November 4th, 2009, Allouan Sabahia, "Is there interference between religion and psychotherapy?"

-Sawa Magazine, Know their personalities from their profiles (June - July 2015 - Issue no. 58 - P. 102/103)

-Sawa Magazine, Why do children became bolder in confronting their parents? (February 2015 - Issue no. 57 - P. 72/73)

- "Phobia, An Expert's Opinion" Orient-le jour, October 14th, 2010, No. 20, l'Orient des campus.
- "Why do therapists exist?" "la tempérance" magazine, 2000, Paris.
- "Why is a currency internationally recognized?" "la promotion" newspaper, SB342 / Paris - April 10th, 1992.
- "Dollar in the world and in Lebanon", "Loubnan al Jadid" magazine 1985, Lebanon.

Search on cosmetic surgery and self-esteem was presented at the seminar entitled "Adaptation with Modern Life", which was held on 2 and 3 April 2018, at the Psychiatric Hospital of the Cross (Jal El Dib).

Call-in show to give testimony on Antoine El Safi and his relationship with the Woman, upon request of "Noqtat Ettifaq" TV program, on 03/01/2017, Mariam TV.

Saint Cœur School in Ain Najem: Orientation for students to choose their future careers in the light of their qualifications. (13/12/2016)

Why does the spouse change after marriage? (01/02/2015) - Lotdhale

Presentation of a clinical case, according to the cognitive behavioral therapy, seminar on "Sleep disorders and cognitive behavioral therapy", on February 3-4, 2012, Hospital Of The Cross, Jal El Dib
"Al Yaqatha", Why enjoying the suffering of others?, on 21/06/2016
“Al Yaqatha”, What does psychology say about female and male reporters who spread false and harmful rumors to defame or impersonate others? (2016)
An-nahar, What is the situation of an authoritative father who prevents his youngest daughter from getting married because her elder sister is not married yet? And what actions should be taken? (17/03/2016)
Other qualifications:
Training session on presenting radio and TV programs, February 2017
Training session on written press - An-nahar academy - June 2016
Completion Certificate (acting course), workshop, managed by Mrs. Viviane Antonio and Miss Renée Ghosh. 2014
Training session on Plastic Arts, Drawing, in 2013

The opinion of an expert - L'Orient Le Jour Campus
Lebanese daily newspaper with French expression - Thursday, October 10, 2013 - Beirut
Understanding - Phobias, the opinion of an expert
By Marina J. SAMAHA - 14/10/2010
L'Orient Des Campus met Souad Salloum*, psychotherapist, member of the French Federation of Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis and of the Lebanese Society of Practitioners in Psychotherapy and Consultants. Interview.
Do specialists consider phobias as personality disorders?
Phobia is a neurosis. The neurotic is aware of the disorders he experiences, whether it's about fears or obsessions, and does not know how to defend himself against them. A neurosis is triggered by an event which reactivates one or more old conflicts. This is how a frail individual, living in a nervous family or having been separated from his mother, cannot defend himself and develops a real neurosis; but a person who is psychically solid overcomes his grief and masters his fear. The neurotic suffers from psychic disorders. He shows difficulties in controlling his thoughts and thus becomes the prey of fixed ideas, obsessions and phobias. He also suffers from food, digestive, urinary, sexual and respiratory disorders, headaches, insomnias, asthenias, stomach aches and becomes aggressive sometimes. He can show back curvatures and have manias such as biting his nails.
What is the cause of phobias?
In principle, neurosis has genetic predispositions. However, exceptionally, there is no genetic predisposition to the phobic condition. It is a behavioral disorder which develops from the same basis, model of the anxious family, nervous and psychic fatigue and unmanaged stress which accumulates. The act of repressing, being harsh to oneself, giving all one's time to others, are factors which promote phobic conditions. This causes an accumulation of tensions and leads in 96% of cases to a panic and in 4% of cases to a trauma.
At what stage in life do we risk developing phobias most?
During youth, because phobia is rooted in childhood and is manifested in the adult age.
Are there persons predisposed to phobias?
Exactly, a separation during childhood or adolescence renders the person more frail and vulnerable to phobias.
Are there more phobias in men or in women?
In women, because the community in which we live is more demanding from them which leads to increasing the tensions they undergo.
Can we speak of levels of phobia?
Yes. Freud distinguished between three levels of phobia: at first, understandable phobias such as fear of snakes, which is a phobia accepted by everyone. Then less understandable phobias such as fear of travel by boat or plane, which is a more characterized phobia. The third category combining incomprehensible phobias which alarm the subject and his surrounding that this is a pathological condition….

* Also known under the name of Therese Salloum, a surname acquired in France following her naturalization.
This article appeared in the magazine "La Tempérance" in the issue of April 15, 2000, France.
It addresses the importance of the presence of psychotherapists in our lives.
Why Do Therapists Exist?
The physical body is the product of activities of the spirit and soul. Since the spirit and soul have unlimited possibilities, therefore there are theoretically no limits to the hopes in healing.
In fact, the human being is an indivisible whole and each part of this whole contributes to the individual's existence. If the medication takes care of the physical body, many diseases remain incurable; therefore one should resort to the competences of the mental body as the mental is a reality we cannot be unaware of. A certain therapist said once to a patient:
"Your emotions, which are linked to an unhealthy psychological state, cause the breakdown of the liver, spleen, heart and sensory system. This is why you are sick."
By projection, this can extend to every patient. Having said that, a therapy program should be imposed in order to draw a bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind.
A physical dysfunction implies a bad mental attitude. The negative emotions that we have, the mental and spiritual errors constitute outlines of behavior which become physical and which we call as diseases. This results in: distress, anxiety, stress, complex, isolation, frustration, inhibition, etc.
The individual is in need of communicating and better understanding oneself to have a better life. The therapist will then be for him a guide enabling him to see through oneself more clearly. Thus, the role of the therapist will be to establish a relation of confidence based on the principles of talking and listening.
Going to consult a therapist shows determination as the individual, being conscious of his own problems, decides to handle them. Even the most gifted people in introspection cannot analyze themselves. They would avoid asking too harsh questions and would not be able to take in the specificities of their difficulties alone.
"The modern day therapy is a gift for the persons who want to be open to life with optimism…"
If we have the impression of living without significant suffering and we expect reaching the objectives we fix for ourselves without difficulty, why then would we need to go consult a therapist? This is true, but there are unconscious psychological disorders which affect a very large number of persons. Therefore social phobias (shyness, fear of the unknown, fear of scrutiny from others) can be disabling to the person. However, when treated, they enable people to live normally and comfortably with others.
It is true that having a friend we can confide in, decreases our anxiety but a friend intervenes at the level of giving counsel, with his own prejudices and personal history and sometimes he is even involved in the problems we face.
The therapist is punctually objective; he helps in working deeply on oneself. His view of reality is never distorted by emotions, contradictions and interpretations.
The therapist is rational with his patient; to solve psychological difficulties, he listens in a neutral way. The therapist enters the details of the mind of the person who asks for help.
The modern day therapy is a gift for the people who want to be open to life with optimism. Finding an ideal, a center, a place where each person can go back to recharge: the therapist is here to represent this home of resources at the center of each life. A therapist placed on the rails of the "road to the right place" in order to help in accepting the nature of matters as is.
In summary, good health is not restricted to injecting antibiotics or to performing a surgery. It is defined as a state of perfect harmony. Healing consists of bringing back this harmony via the "three in one": body, soul and spirit.
Therese Salloum
Psychotherapist. Tel: 
Sawa Magazine, No 57 / February 2015
My child has a strong rude personality
We have been witnessing from a while a change in our children's relationship with us and with our environment. In the past, the child used to submit with respect to his parents' rules of discipline, but nowadays, ever since globalization entered our lives, the child insists on having state-of-the-art mobile phones or computers as gifts whether for his birthday or for any other occasion!! And if gifts are not according to his desires he rejects them and starts crying and complaining until one would think he was wronged!!
The traditional education of the father and mother backed up with the education of the school is unfortunately useless nowadays! Why does the child dare to do things? Because he now has a strong personality!
Strengthening the child's confidence stems from the security his parents provide him with ever since his early age. Security is an important and basic factor in building a strong personality; add to it the support of the school with its incentives which refine this confidence. Therefore self-esteem is strong because the child considers himself important in the eyes of his parents, his self and his school….
Sawa Magazine - No. 58 / 2015
Know their personalities from their profiles
We recognize a sane person from his "profile"!
Scientific Fiction has become a reality in people's communication with each other. Only yesterday did we gather around the TV screen to watch science fiction movies and series! A scene stuck to my memory of a small girl communicating with her friends via the computer and at that same moment, she was subject to great danger when a thief breaks into the house… At the end of the episode the thief is caught thanks to the girl informing her friends of the matter! Back thenwe never thought or imagined that a day will come when this will become a reality, and what a reality!
Face book, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Viber, Tango, Skype… Social media websites which changed the course of our lives and turned the universe into a village! This revolution in the world of communication and contact wasn't all positive, as its websites became a hotbed for social problems (drug trafficking, abnormality, data theft, prostitution, brainwashing…) as well as a vast space for complexes and mental illnesses and a place for the emotional release of such complexes. But what is the psychological explanation behind what we are witnessing on social media websites (overdoing the posting of private photos, changing profile photos, taking photos of food tables, posting seductive photos, Facebook friendship, love and marriage as well as harassment).
The psychotherapist, Souad SALLOUM, provides us with the psychological analysis of these findings and for the first time, a psychological analysis of the personality through the Facebook profile.

What do girls mean by posing for selfie photos with "duck lips"… Isn't this a call for harassment?
- Have social media websites made people lose the family interconnection which characterized the Arab family?
Man has become a slave for technology. We lost the direct and real social communication. Family ties have grown cold and people have become lost in globalization. I entered the house of a family on a visit once and found all the children (15 and 18 years old) busy with the Internet. There is no dialogue neither among them nor between them and their parents!
- Do they look for warmth, interconnection, friendship and love… through social media websites?
Lack of satisfaction with the reality makes a person create a virtual reality which he had ambition to achieve but couldn't, such as those who write on their Facebook "profiles" that they obtained high degrees while in fact they did not pursue their studies!....